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The name regarday is taken from the French word 'regarder' which means 'LOOK'


Verb | re·gard·day \ri-ˈgärd-ˈdā\


                           Paddy purchased his first SLR camera in Europe

                             during his late teens and has had a keen

                            interest in photography ever since. He has paid

                                  attention to lots of different photographic styles

                                    trying to figure out 'how it's done' or 'what

                                      makes the perfect photograph'.

Just before digital photography really took off in the late 90's he attended a photography class in NYC to learn more about the technical aspects of the SLR camera as well as composition & technique. It also included learning how to develop film and make his own prints in the darkroom.

Now we live in the digital age the camera equipment has changed, Paddy still believes that the techniques remain the same and the keys to good photography are equal parts artistic flair, technical knowledge and understanding the subject matter.


                          Teri made photography a part of her life since

                             she was a young woman. It started with her love

                               for animals. She was a competitive rider and

                                 loved to take photos of the horses.

                                   She later opened a photography business that

                                    specialized in pets. She also started studying

Photoshop and Lightroom.

She became a Realtor and began photographing all of her own listings and was soon asked to photograph her fellow Realtor’s listings too.

Teri enjoys photography and knows what it takes to make any home look it’s absolute best. Photos are what prospective buyers see first. It’s what makes them want to explore the home further.

With our services you can’t make a better first impression.

Great photos = more showings!

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