How to...


Delivery Turnaround: 3D Tours and Stills will be made available to you as soon as possible. Non-rush delivery is usually within 12 hours of shoot time, but we can't guarantee that. Floor plans can only be processed after the 3D Tour has finished processing, so there is often a 24-36 hour lag before these are delivered.

Service Area: Regarday are delighted to serve you just about anywhere in the state of VA   :-)  However, we are based out of Fredericksburg, and our booking system won't allow bookings outside a certain range. We have to be mindful of travel times, and surcharges will be applied to shoots outside of the normal service area. Please use the fillable form on the "Out of area booking" page.

Preparation: The Listing Agent or their representative are responsible for any staging or preparation of the property prior to the booking. We are happy to move the occasional small items that might detract from a picture, but it is our general policy that we won’t engage in any major staging or large item moving. We want you to be happy with the end result, so we recommend getting the property as shipshape as you can before we arrive. We do have a "getting ready for photos" checklist that you can download from our Photography Checklist page and send to your clients beforehand.

Rescheduling: We know that “life happens” and sometimes things beyond your control might cause you to reschedule. We will do our best to accommodate any changes that you need to make, and we will try to fit you in at a time that works better for you.


Inclement Weather:  If we are planning outside still shots and weather isn’t going to cooperate, Regarday will work it out with you directly to reschedule the shoot for a time when the sun has his hat on again....Or better yet, we have perfected a technique for sky replacement. We will often do this for you as a default, but if you ever see a shot or 2 that could benefit, please let us know.


Copyright: Regarday will retain the copyright to all photographs and tours that we create for you, but you will be granted permission to use them in any way that you see fit for marketing the subject property. Regarday will also keep archives of all stills published so if you ever need them again in the future, we can help you out.

3D Virtual Tours:  Regarday subscribes to the cloud hosting service for these tours with an Enterprise Account, but storage space for "live" tours is still limited. We do have to archive models periodically to free up storage space in our account. We will at a minimum not archive any tour until the listing is sold and off the market. Hosting policies are subject to change at any time.

Payment: After the photo shoot, we will eMail an invoice to you which can be paid online using a credit or debit card. Payment is due on receipt unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

Regarday reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time for any reason.


Incidental Charges:  Regarday will strive to avoid any incidental charges (e.g., parking, tolls, etc.) but if we just can’t get around it, those charges will be added to your invoice at cost.