• Turn all lights on, including lamps, replace all non-working bulbs with like colors.

  • Turn all fans off.

  • Put away and out of sight, all dishes, trashcans, small appliances and paper towel holders.

  • Open curtains and make all beds.

  • Put pet food dishes, litterboxes, crates, beds and toys away and out of sight.

  • Put all toilet seats down.

  • Remove all personal items from bathroom countertops. Remove all soiled towels and clothing.

  • Remove trash cans, toilet brushes and plungers from bathroom.

  • Tuck away power cords and wires.

  • Remove magnets and papers from refrigerator.

  • Declutter all rooms and have rooms free of as many small items as possible.

  • Dust, vacuum and clean windows and mirrors.


  • Remove all toys, trash cans, hoses and lawn tools from yard.

  • Remove vehicles from driveway, and if possible don’t park directly in front of house.

  • Sweep porches, decks, driveway and sidewalks.

  • Clean pool and remove all pool toys and equipment.

  • Remove clutter from deck and under deck and porches.